What Is Portland & Oregon Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination.  You have a right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is:
(1) any form of sexual comments, actions or conduct
(2) which is hostile, intimidating or abusive.

Who can be the sexual harasser?:
(1) supervisor or higher person in management;
(2) co-worker;
(3) third parties such as customers, vendors or other third parties;
(4) the harasser can be both a different sex or same sex as the victim (men can harass women and men, and women can harass men and women); and
(5) the harasser (and the victim) can be of any age.

What are some examples of sexual harassment?:
(1) sexual comments or jokes;
(2) offensive comments about a person’s body or appearance;
(3) offensive sexual images or pictures;
(4) offensive sexual gestures;
(5) sexual demands;
(6) attempted sexual touching;
(7) sexual touching; and
(8) other comments, actions or conduct of a sexual nature which is hostile, intimidating or abusive.

These are just some examples.  You should consider contacting a Portland sexual harassment lawyer to see if what happened to you is against the law.  You can reach our law firm at 503-987-0000.

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